Our Richmond centre is an urban sanctuary.

Tucked away from the business of Bridge Road & Swan Street we have a spacious, light & peaceful studio with two rooms for practice. When needed we can warm or cool the space to optimise your comfort.


We are at 8 Corsair St Richmond. Close to Bridge Rd and Swan St trams; Burnley train station, plus 2 hour free street parking. See the map > here.

14 days unlimited for $30

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How it Works:


Classes listed on the timetable are all casual drop in classes. No booking is required. All yoga equipment is provided.


Please arrive with enough time to register and settle before the class starts - 10 to 15 minutes earlier. 


Cost: Community class $5   60 min $16   90 min $20   Conc. $12   You can pay per class. Cash only for single class payments


Regular attendees will benefit from purchasing a discount class pass.


Beginners  - the ideal start is to join the Beginners Course.  If thats not possible then attend the Level 1 classes. 


Courses, workshops, satsangs, retreats etc all require booking.


Getting Started Tips & FAQs       


About us & meet your teachers






Meditation 4 week introductory course starts Tue 29 January >more


Yoga 6 week beginners course

starts Mon 4 February > more









2019 Holiday Timetable 7 - 27 January


All classes are a general level. Everyone is welcome. It means, there will be a bit of everything and scope to make it more gentle or challenging according to your holiday needs. 


Monday 10 - 11am Larissa
7 - 8.30pm Miranda
Tuesday 6.30 - 7.30am Niveen
6 - 7.30pm Gopal
Wednesday 6.30 - 7.30am Larissa
7 - 8.30pm Niveen
Thursday 6.30 - 7.30pm Larissa
6 - 7.30pm Larissa
Friday 10 - 11am Larissa / Wendy
Saturday 10 - 11.30am Larissa
Sunday 4 - 5.30pm inc yoga nidra Leeann



PREGNANT LADIES:  you are welcome to join any class taught by Wendy or Larissa. These teachers have specific prenatal yoga training and will be able to guide you to make the practice suitable and beneficial for you.


Yoga in Daily Life Melbourne  Yoga in Daily Life Richmond  Yoga in Daily Life Richmond


    Class Descriptions:


Most classes include asana (yoga exercises/ postures), relaxation, guided breath techniques (pranayam) & meditation.

We understand that everyone comes to yoga for different reasons. You will always be encouraged to practice at your own comfortable capacity. Guidance will be given on how to gradually work in to the practices, and you can then develop yourself at your own pace.

Yoga in Daily Life is an authentic and progressive system of yoga. Learn more about Yoga in Daily Life the System > here. Through Yoga in Daily Life practices you'll experience balanced energy, lightness of body and mind and a feeling of calm clarity. In every class you'll learn something new and with regular practice you'll see improvements through every area of life.


Community Class - this is a level 1 class at a discounted price of $5. This class is part of Yoga in Daily Life's commitment as a not for profit community organisation to help make yoga accessible and affordable for everyone in our community. This class is open to all including seniors, people with a low or no income and students. 


Level 1 - A unique set of practices that you will not find elsewhere. This level is ideal for those who prefer a gentle practice or who have, for example, a sore back, chronic fatigue or other health conditions that require you to take care. Never underestimate the potent benefits of a gentle practice. Practising of this level creates a solid foundation that is excellent for maintaining balanced health and preparing to safely practice the next levels. 
If you are new to yoga we recommend you start with the Beginners Yoga & Meditation Course. If that's not possible then join this class as it is also suitable for beginners. However this level is beneficial for everyone no matter your experience or level of ability. 

Level 1 and yoga nidra - In the quiet of a Sunday afternoon here is a chance to slow down and unwind. An opportunity for release of deep muscular, mental and emotional tension. The session includes a gentle sequence of asanas and 30 - 40 minute yoga nidra (guided deep relaxation). The class leaves you feeling balanced in body, mind and soul. 

Back Care Class - This session focuses on practices to help balance posture and create strength in a safe way. Suitable for people of all levels of abilities. 

Level 2- This class uses level 1 as a base and systematically introduces the next levels. Suitable for people who are still learning the basics. A harmonious practice to experience correct yoga postures as you develop your strength, flexibility and focus. With energizing and balancing sequences, breath techniques, meditation and relaxation. Combined with knowledge about the benefits of each posture, techniques to practice correctly and what results you'll start to see in daily life.

Level 3  - an traditional practice that is challenging, nourishing and balancing all at the same time. Not suited for beginners or people who prefer a gentle class. Systematically develop your strength, flexibility, fitness, balance, concentration and build mental fortitude. With a regular practice you will experience the far reaching effect on all bodily functions, including better digestion, stronger immune system, balanced nervous system and equilibrium in the mind and emotions.

Level 4 - for those with a dedicated regular practice & who enjoy challenge. With energizing and balancing sequences, breath techniques and meditation.

Level 6 - 8 Advanced - occasionally there is an advanced asana focus class. Visit the EVENTS page for details.- Open only to people who have a regular practice in our studio and at home. If you think you are ready then talk with your teacher. The advanced levels 5 - 8. Here so much more attention is required on slow, conscious, concentrated practice. Remaining in each position for a longer period of time will enable you to experience the influence of the asanas upon body, mind and soul, you begin to percieve the vital energy that is stimulated through your body in each of the postures. The meditation in these levels deepens the concentration (Dharana) 

Pre Natal Yoga
 - Pregnant ladies are welcome to any class taught by Larissa or Wendy. Please ensure the instructor knows you are pregnant. Learn body awareness, breathing, stretches, relaxation & meditation specially for pregnancy. 

“The more wisdom you possess, the more humble you become. The more understanding you develop, the more helpful your actions will be. The more goodness that resides in your heart, the more love you will feel for everyone and everything”. ~ Vishwaguruji