Yoga in Daily Life Melbourne
Yoga in Daily Life Melbourne

Information for our Yoga Retreat in B A L I

Details of the retreat to Ubud, Bali & how to book in Read More

Igniting the Digestive Fire

Simple yoga techniques to ignite the digestive fire and improve digestion that take only a few minutes daily Read More

Keeping Warm in Winter Tips

When cold weather strikes a chilling blow here are some tips to not only survive, but thrive! Read More

Find Your Drishti

Utilising focus to take your yoga practice to the next level Read More

Bakasana: Practice Tip

A tip for practicing this challenging balance Read More

Easter Retreat Reflections & Photos 2017

A snapshot of the beautiful possibilities of yoga practice being integrated into daily life Read More

The Purpose of Life

A short story with a message for us all Read More

Yoga and Culture

How can the ancient Eastern tradition be implemented in the contemporary Western culture? What fits, what doesn't and why? Read More

Khatu Pranam Made Easy

Khatu Pranam is a wonderful flow of asanas from the Yoga in Daily Life System that has numerous benefits. It is practiced in all levels of classes and here we offer some tips and extra steps to support you who are just beginning Read More

Pranayam as a Restorative Practice

Breathing, it keeps us alive & yogic breathing techniques have awesome side effects! Check it out in this latest blog that includes photos from our New Year Retreat Read More