MEDITATION: Introduction 4 week Course

next one starts 29 January 2019, Tuesdays 7.45 - 8.45pm   for 4 weeks   $50   Bookings are essential 

the following one starts 8 May. 


Experience the power of mindfulness.  Learn the foundations of meditation to get you started on the right track.

Meditation Course Yoga in Daily Life


There are many reasons why you may want to learn meditation; for peace of mind, better health, spiritual fulfilment and more. Whatever that reason is, the answers you seek come when the mind is still and quiet.

Based on level 1 of the Yoga in Daily Life Self Enquiry Meditation system in this course you will learn / experience:

 - effective support practices that will help you to relax, be comfortable and still 

 - basic meditation / concentration techniques

 - understanding of what is meditation and the function of the mind

 - stages of meditation

 - simple home practice

 - opportunity for questions 



Bookings essential. Payment is requested with booking. 

HOW TO BOOK IN: scroll down for the details & options or contact us 9427 0977


BEGINNERS YOGA & Meditation Course

starting Monday 4 February, 6 - 7.30pm with early bird discount to 27 January

starting Wednesday 6 March, 7 - 8.30pm with early bird discount to 26 February

starting Thursday 3 May, 6 - 7.30pm with early bird discount to 25 April

Increase your strength & flexibility, tone your body, relax your mind, cultivate inner peace and balance.

The course offers an introduction to level 1 of the Yoga in Daily Life System, giving you a variety of basic yoga techniques and an understanding of the many benefits that regular yoga practice can to body and mind.

This course provides a framework of a developing, progressive practice & can be successfully followed up by attending the Level 1 or Level 2 classes so you may continue to learn at your own pace and receive the benefits of your Yoga practice.

A practical course that offers you the A - Z basic foundations of a wholistic yoga practice. You will learn:

◊ Easy yoga exercises to stretch and strengthen your body

◊ Relaxation techniques to de-stress your body & mind

◊ Breathing practices to balance the nervous system

◊ Basic meditation for peace of mind

COST: $150 full   $120 conc.
* Early Bird Discount $120 full $96 conc.
COST INCLUDES: The course and 1 extra class from the class timetable per week = total 12 classes
It works like this:
You attend the Thursday session for a consecutive 6 weeks. These course sessions run like practical mini workshops. Plus you are invited to attend one level 1 or 2 regular class from our timetable each week to aid in integrating what you have learnt in the course.
So the course session + a regular class each week = 12 sessions over 6 weeks. It's very good value!





Bookings are required to secure your place in the courses. Payment is requested with booking.

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 T's & C's:
We understand that life does not always go to plan. Here are the guides for when life throws a wild card …
We cannot guarantee or reserve a place until full payment is received. If a cancellation is made before the start of the course a transfer will be given. If the same course is not running again then a transfer will be given to classes of an equal amount. For any cancellations after course start time the total amount is non-refundable. In extenuating circumstances an application (in writing) for a refund will be considered at the discretion of the centre manager. A $30 administration fee applies to all refunds.




starts Tuesday 13 November 2018   7.45 - 8.45pm   for 4 weeks   $50   Bookings are essential 

Asana practice brings comfort and stillness to the body. Pranayama calms the mind.
External stillness and internal silence are the two components of meditation.
This course is powered by various techniques of breath regulation (pranayama) to gain mastery over the vagrant mind.

  + Asanas for Pranayama
  + Mudras relevant to Pranayama
  + Bandhas relevant to Pranayama
  + Supplementary practices
  + Tranquillizing Pranayamas
  + Vitalizing Pranayamas

practitioners who have completed the Meditation Introductory course or who are already practicing meditation. If you are a beginner, sign up for the Meditation Intro 4 week course instead (see details below)

Bookings essential. Payment is requested with booking. 
HOW TO BOOK IN: scroll down for the details & options or contact us  9427 0977



These courses are suited for Beginners or anyone wanting to get back into a regular practice. 

Sessions include asanas (yoga exercises), relaxation, breathing practices & meditation following the internationally renowned system of Yoga in Daily Life ®.

Have no doubt, what we are offering you will be able to do. Experience step by step clear guidance, insightful explanations, opportunities for questions in the company of others who will be at a similar level. And while everyone comes to these courses for a different reason, what Yoga & Meditation has to offer is so vast that you will soon be experiencing the a wider range of benefits! There is much to gain & nothing to lose.

We are at 8 Corsair St Richmond. Close to Bridge Rd and Swan St trams; Burnley train station, plus 2 hour free street parking. See the map > here.
Useful Things to Know Before Attending the Courses:

  • On your first class please arrive about 10 minutes earlier. This will give time for you to meet the instructor, fill in a student participation form & settle in before the session begins. 
  • Your instructors is either Larissa, Wendy or Gopal.
  • Inform the instructor before class of any injury, if you are pregnant, or if you are on medication.
  • Classes are guided and precautions will be given to help you take care in your practice. Please always practice at your own comfortable capacity. Stop if you need to. Let the instructor know of any specific conditions so they can give extra instruction to help you take care.
  • Please wear loose, comfortable clothing that will allow easy movement of your body. No shoes, but socks are good if it’s cold.
  • It is recommended that you do not eat a meal 2 hours before the class.
  • Yoga mats and everything you will need for the class is provided. Mats and other resources are available for purchase if you wish to buy one.
  • Bring a bottle of water if you think you will need it during the class.
  • If you miss a session talk with your teacher for options. Missed sessions cannot be made up in the next course.

Things I Need to Know When I start Yoga > more.    About us & your teachers > here

Yogic Studies Series: Yoga and the Chakras

starts Tuesday XXXXXX, 7.30 - 9pm for 6 weeks

Once I heard someone referring to yoga as mood bending exercises. It was clear that our physical wellbeing is often stirred and challenged by our emotions. Would it be possible to alter the way we feel by putting our bodies into some postures? Could we really get out of depression, reduce fear or hatred and let go of attachments by will? Can we get a moment of clarity when we need it and rise above our blinding emotions? 

The way we feel on an emotional level links into our chakra system. In fact, each chakra is linked to different emotional states.

Chakra literally means “wheel” or “circle” but for us on the yoga path an even better translation is “whirlpool”. They are whirlpools of pranic (vital) energy at specific areas in the body. On the physical level chakras are associated with the major nerve plexuses and endocrine glands. Many asanas have a particularly powerful and beneficial effect on one or more of these glands and plexuses. For example, Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) exerts a strong pressure on the thyroid gland in the throat region, which is associated with Vishuddhi chakra. Performing shoulder stand the thyroid is given a strong massage and its functioning is greatly improved by the extra amount of energy influx. The strange feelings of being unable to speak up or listen is balanced and ultimately corrected by bringing about eloquent communication skills.  

Each chakra is a switch which turns on specific dormant areas of the brain and the corresponding faculties in the psychic and mental bodies. They represent emotions. If I experience insecurity, for example, or feeling stuck, or excessive need to be in control, or unable to connect with others, perhaps over emotional, have too much hatred and doubt, or on the contrary stupidly in love, indecisive, too intellectual, cannot let go etc… that could indicate under or overactive chakras. In which case, reducing the excess and improving what’s lacking should be my prime interest.  

The purpose of the course is to recognize invisible forces creating physiological changes in us such as fear, guilt, shame, grief, lie, illusion and attachment. To see where and how they (may) manifest in the physical body could give us a chance to counterbalance their effects. Aiming to achieve harmony among the chakras and creating an emotionally sound individual using the tools of asanas, pranayamas and meditation. 

The course will provide practical instruction:
* on the physical level by treating symptoms or to prevent them arising with asasnas, bandhas and mudras
* on the mental level by working on our emotions we have held on to with kriyas and pranayama
* on the intellectual level by reviewing and revising our beliefs and thoughts about ourselves and life with contemplating on philosophical truths.

This course is open to all who wish to deeper their understanding of the science of yoga.
Cost: $150 plus an extra $20 if you'd like to purchase the recommended resource the 'Hidden Powers in Humans - Chakras & Kundalini' book (valued at $35) Bookings required. At Yoga in Daily life Richmond