Igniting the Digestive Fire

Once I heard a joke that went like this…

Q: How are belly dancers and plastic surgeons alike?

A: They all tuck and lift!


… which reminded me of the Bandhas (the energy locks) of yoga and their ultimate wonder, Nauli.

The word Nauli comes from the root nala or nali which means reed and refers to a tubular vessel. Nala is the Sanskrit term for the rectus abdominii muscle.

Nauli is also known as Lauliki karma. Lauliki is derived from the root lola which means ‘to move hither and thither’ or ‘rolling and agitating’ which is exactly what this technique does.

With this technique we turn our body into a self cleansing washing machine that runs on its own juices only. No detergent, no bleach needed. 


It rolls, rotates and agitates the entire abdomen and the associated muscles and nerves. This is a very powerful technique to tone the organs of the abdomen.

The stomach, the intestines, spleen, liver, kidneys, pancreas, etc. get a good massage. If practiced regularly, this ensures good health of all these organs and for the rest of the body.

Nauli is a preventative of diabetes and helps in overcoming other digestive disorders due to its considerate and loving attention to the pancreas, that produces several important hormones including insulin, as well as digestive enzymes assisting digestion and absorption of nutrients in the small intestine.     

One starts feeling normal again by cracking up and breaking the layered, age old dry waste products away from the intestinal walls by tucking, lifting and rotating the gut. First circling the muscles from right to left and then in reverse, we squeeze, rub and massage the entire content of our mid section. Finishing in the direction that food travels along the ascending, transverse and descending colon we usher the unwanted often highly toxic residue out of the body. Without the coating historical evidence of our previous menus that shadowed our healthy appetite for so long, we now revert back to a fit digestion, proper assimilation and absorption. As the result, the usual corresponding struggle of energy shortage and emotional disturbance will also become just chapters in a trashy novel needed to be left at Salvos.

On the energetic level Nauli works on our Manipura chakra which is the most important energy center for our physical and mental wellbeing. It’s like a fireplace responsible for digestion, absorption and assimilation of the food we eat. If this chakra is disturbed we feel tired, weak and ill clearly proving Ayurveda’s famous proclamation of ‘99% of physical illnesses stat because of poor digestion’. It can also give birth to a long list of psychic problems starting with inability to think clearly, difficulty to express thoughts and feelings, depression, lack of self confidence, loss of purpose in life etc.


Q: If there was a yoga technique one should practice for optimal physical health on a daily basis what would that be?

A: Nauli… because while normal is just a cycle on every ordinary washing machine, the self cleanse option only comes with intelligent advanced models.

Start with getting the feeling of Uddiyana Bandha. Then progress to Agnisara Kriya. After practicing this daily for 2 - 3 months you will be ready for Nauli. Talk to your Yoga in Daily Life teacher for guidance how to practice.

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