Find Your Drishti

Autumn in Melbourne ...
Don't you just love this season, how the stunning changing colours catch the minds attention drawing it to be fully present in that very moment? 

Melbourne Autumn 2017

When we control and direct the focus, first of the eyes and then of the attention, we are using the yogic technique called drishti. You will have experienced in class your teacher directing your attention to various body parts, or to the breath. These are reminders to stay focused. And when, for example in a balancing pose you are guided to focus your gaze on a point, this visual focus is called drishti. As we do this we practice to let go of the mental commentary and to see things as they really are.

The benefit of this practice is to help us move away from our learned and limited perceptions; to be ok with what is, and potentially make space for the unimaginable! 

First, there is a single external focus point (Bahir drishti) such as the tip of the nose, navel, the hand, the toes etc….

Second, there is the internal focus (Antar drishti) which could be an entire list such as alignment of the whole body, bandas, breathing etc…

Third, there must be a point in time, during the practice, when we arrive to the simple fact that we watch all these previously mentioned. This is when the witness (Sakshi), the observer, is born in us. All the objects of this manifested universe in my awareness should lead me to the observer within and that is the real meaning of drishti. This is the real meaning of living with awareness. The knowledge of this silent observer within changes everything. A new you have born. You are a totally new and fresh. For the first time you have come to know your real phenomenon, the real you. The whole external world as well as your body with all its sensations and the mind with all its emotions have fallen into their right place. They are just the mechanism around you. They are instruments in your control.  

The way, you have lived so far is no more. You are no more the body, mind and intellect. You are no more in bondage. You are no more miserable, no more (of) the world. The world cannot disturb you any more. You are no more in Samsara; you are in Nirvana. This is Moksha, liberation.