Vishwaguruji brings the Divine Light

We were blessed with Satsang with Vishwaguruji, author of Yoga in Daily Life the System and the inspiration that guides our practice, on the evening of Saturday 22 October, 2016 in our Melbourne ashram. 

Satsang with Vishwaguruji

It's interesting to see that we are a very diverse group, of different cultural, religious and social backgrounds. Yet the yearning to experience something that is beyond the surface was strong in everyone. Here we were in front of someone who radiated peacefulness and joy, who was present without any judgement and open to giving whatever it is that we can manage to receive. Adding one more piece to our life puzzle as we continue on this journey to realise our completeness.

Vishwaguruji  Vishwaguruji
In the traditional story telling style of teaching as we sat nearby to Vishwaguruji he told us light hearted stories to convey truthful messages. 
Here are a few of the jewels that were shared with us:

  • Yoga is much more than a collection of exercises. It is the way of connecting body with mind and also connecting to our ancient past (that pure state of consciousness). Some say that Yoga & Ayurveda are 5000 years old. The history of yoga is far more ancient and stems from the beginning of time. 

  • The first practice of yoga is discipline. As Sage Patanjali described in his first sutra “ATHA YOGANUSASANAM” - Yoga starts with discipline. Vishwaguruji emphasised the time is now! Don’t wait to act tomorrow or later. If it’s important to you, then do it now. Lead a disciplined life - no matter what religion you follow or which God you pray to. Discipline is what is required to succeed in ones life.

  • YOGAS CITTA VRTTI NIRODHAH, the second of Patanjalis Yog Sutras was touched on. It means Yoga is the restraint of the modifications of the mind stuff. The world, in its pure perception, doesn't create problems. Problems arise from our own projecting mind that adds to the pure perceived state. So this sutra means, we need to control our own projections, vrittis. Then we would enjoy this world as it is, it would not bind us or create problems. This is yoga. 

  • In the beginning there was emptiness. But this emptiness is not nothingness, its more than that. It is a immense potency of dormant energy in which everything exists in a latent state of potentiality.  NADA RUPA PARABRAHMA means the form of the supreme is sound. That sound is AUM.  Creation started with the AUM vibration and Western Science is gradually recognising this as NASA recently discovered that the sound vibration of our sun is AUM.  The resonance of this mantra is very powerful. He recommended we experience it for ourselves in our own meditation practice. With this he also described the world and life on earth in the perspective of the enormity of the cosmos, and how much is out there that we don’t know about.

  • If you have any doubt or hesitation in making a decision, it’s best not to proceed. Make a decision and act when you are sure. Vishwaguruji likened this to when driving a car on the road.  It’s best to overtake another car when you are sure it is safe. The cost of acting with uncertainty can be dangerous.