In the Community: Yoga in Daily Life Australia sends support to Fiji

As you will have heard on the news Tropical Cyclone Winston created havoc and destruction in Fiji recently. 

In the spirit of yoga and the adage "Vasudev Kutumbukan - the whole world is one family" last week Yoga in Daily Life practitioners around Australia pooled together a total of $6060 for the people of Fiji.

This donation has been sent to the people on the ground in Fiji, Ba district, Raki Raki who have been delivering food and other necessary items to the devastated areas in much need of assistance. The President of Yoga in Daily Life Sydney has personally seen that our humble donations are given to those who are most in need. In co-operation with FIJI Sevashram much help and support has been reaching the small villages through their programs and relief-efforts.

Thanks everyone for your contribution. 
There is still much to do in order to re-build, if you would like to volunteer please contact

Here are some images they sent us...

Yoga in Daily Life in the CommunityYoga in Daily Life in the communityYoga in Daily Life in the Community