Can Humanity be Healed by the Practice of Yoga in Daily Life?


Blessed Selves, Dear Brothers & Sisters of Yoga,


VishwagurujiThe practice of Yoga is actually a practice of science – science of body, mind, consciousness and soul. The origin of Yoga lies in India, but its teachings are 100% universal and can be applied to all aspects of our life (hence the term “Yoga in Daily Life”).


At the outset, the practices of Yoga in Daily Life offer prevention from many an illness and disease, by improving function of internal organs, whilst at the same time freeing the body from muscular tension and improving joint and spine mobility. The Yoga asanas cannot be compared with gymnastics or any body-building type exercise. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, Yoga asanas are highly effective in activating the energy centres of the human body, correcting energy imbalances and restoring harmonious function to the endocrine system. The Yoga practices also greatly support mental clarity and emotional balance, and when practised sincerely and regularly, Yoga can reveal the way to one’s own spirituality.


Problems arise in the world when humans lose their physical or psychic balance, and their spiritual essence. This balance is disturbed by factors in our environment, the food we eat, lack of appropriate movement and how we use the power of our will.


There is a well-known proverb: “We are what we eat”. That is why Yoga teaches us to be mindful of the food we eat, since poor food choices affect us not only on a physical level, but on a mental level as well. If only we paid more attention to that proverb before consuming the things we do, since each food has its own quality. Fresh fruit, vegetables, raw or lightly steamed, nuts and seeds, have a nourishing quality when eaten, full of enzymes and energy. Whereas flesh products from animals have a very de-basing quality when ingested, causing the body and mind to suffer under various heavy elements such as fat, condensed protein, chemicals & preservatives. A well-balanced vegetarian diet provides lots of energy and inspiration. A diet that contains flesh foods is more likely to cause mental fatigue and physical lethargy, and as modern studies have shown, such a diet is also associated with life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease and various forms of cancer.


In addition to eating well and practising the physical aspects of Yoga, through Self-Enquiry Meditation in the Yoga in Daily Life system, we are encouraged to develop mindful awareness of the impact we have upon others in our society and our environment. A caring, responsible human being will have equal consideration for all people and creatures too, and will take steps to actions that will create a sustainable future for our planet. It is through the practice of meditation and contemplation that one becomes more conscious of the fact that everyone and everything is inter-dependent, and that we are not individuals living in isolation. All that we think and all that we do, has an corresponding affect upon others and the surrounding environment; that is why Yoga encourages genuine contemplation of our daily life in terms of the greater good for all.


How we use the power of our will determines whether or not we as individuals, or the world at large shall heal and become a globe of peace.


“Whether there is world peace or a world in pieces, it’s in your hands”. 


Peace, Happiness and Contentment are our true nature. That compassion, understanding, respect and forgiveness are natural qualities that are existent in every person. Why is it then that stress, impatience, aggression, intolerance and violence seem to dominate our society? Perhaps we should seriously consider that we are inappropriately and incorrectly using the power of our will.


Reflecting deeply on this, we come to the understanding that a positive solution is within our power. Yes, we as individuals can redirect the use of our will to more positive action and thought, thereby affecting change. Beginning with our selves, we can utilise the practices of yoga to improve the health and wellbeing of our body; improve the quality of our thoughts and purity of actions; and be diligent in directing our will to live life with an awareness of the greater good for all (which of course naturally includes ourselves).


Here Yoga in Daily Life offers further help and support by reminding us that we are not alone in our efforts. The divine consciousness that is ever present in all people and all things becomes more apparent through the practices of Yoga. It is that divine consciousness or supreme power, often simply known as God that directs the power of our will. If we allow it. If we open ourselves to It. If we don’t put obstacles, excuses and distractions in the way (which we are very good at).


This ‘divinity’ this ‘spiritual essence’ is our innate consciousness, our deepest Self, our most true nature. It is That which will never fail us and it is That which will always guide and direct us in the best way, because It is our real Self.


Yoga teaches, that to realise our true Self, is the aim of life. When an individual actually experiences that realisation, there occurs a fundamental change within. The person experiences profound happiness and contentment. Wisdom accompanies this fundamental change and life’s purpose has been achieved. Sharing of that wisdom is a natural consequence, thus inspiring others to live a balanced life.


Thus, the practices of Yoga in Daily Life are not only a means to realise one’s Self, but a means to heal humanity, because of the influence it can impart upon one’s wider-environment, benefiting all.


Yoga in Daily Life is simply good living. Living according to the precepts of maintaining physical and mental balance, and discovering your spiritual essence, your true Self which is: Peace, Happiness and Contentment.