New Year Intentions


A little bit late, now that its half way through January already!


Have you made a new year intention to start yoga? Re-start yoga? Practice yoga regularly? Practice more yoga? To help make this an affordable reality, so you can keep going all year, we offer at our Richmond centre:

  • Beginners Course starting Thursday 13 Feb, 7.30pm details > here
  • Discount Class Passes ( > here ) that can be used at all casual classes 
  • Community Class every Monday 10am for just $5 

Even though our costs have increased, the term sessions at Doncaster, Ivanhoe & Pascoe Vale prices have remained the same! 


While the reasons for practicing yoga vary, one thing for sure is that it has an accumulative effect, its not a quick fix. A regular practice, however that looks for you, is ideal. If you've lapsed, don't worry, each new day offers the same opportunity for a fresh start. Keep going, its worth it because the benefits are all encompassing for our total health & wellbeing.


When we talk about YOGA we mean we are practicing

  • ASANAS (the physical postures / exercises)
  • PRANAYAM (breathing exercises)

Yoga is much more that even this, but these 4 practices are included in our classes and generally what we have in mind when we talk about practicing Yoga.


Here are a few benefits from my personal experience a Regular Yoga Practice will bring...

1. Increase Strength & Flexibility

1.a. in our body - To think you cannot start yoga because you are not flexible is a good reason to start! Become more flexibile, strong and …

  • reduce tension
  • better posture
  • increase blood circulation,
  • improve muscle health,
  • improve joint integrity,
  • oxygenate & nourish the cells in our body
  • support detoxification
  • balance blood pressure
  • vibrant energy
  • improve digestion & nutrition assimilation
  • increase immunity

1.b. in our mind – yes, a regular yoga practice has a subtle but potent influence on our mind & emotions.  The development of a relaxed, clear, open mind with awareness changes the quality of our life like …

  • Better problem solving
  • Self acceptance
  • less worrying – capacity to more comfortably go with the flow. Also the capacity to view things from a bigger picture perspective.
  • increased creativity
  • happy for no good reason
  • improved relationships with your self and others
  • problems transform to challenges
  • improved concentration & memory
  • openness to learning and possibilities


Experience this wonderful practice yourself. Join our classes or courses.  

And we wish you a wonderful 2014!