Welcome to Yoga in Daily Life Melbourne

We have a dedicated ashram in Richmond plus weekly classes in Doncaster, Ivanhoe & Pascoe Vale.

 Imbibe the atmosphere of our peaceful space,
whilst the time-honoured practices of classical yoga bring rejuvenation to your body, peace to your heart and clarity to your mind.

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 At our Richmond studio we offer a variety of classes and courses catering to beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners. Whether you’ve never done Yoga before, or have a long-held daily practice, you will feel at home at one of our classes.
At Doncaster, Ivanhoe & Pascoe Vale we have a regular weekly class.

Our classes offer a holistic practice to bestow greater heath, happiness and self-confidence.
Physically you will release tension, build flexibility and strength and improve the functioning of all the systems of your body. Mentally you will slow down the constant bombardment of thoughts, build focus, concentration and clarity; and ultimately feel peaceful. If you would like to delve deeper into the ancient science of Yoga you can attend our fascinating philosophy class or inspiring Satsang and explore your own mind and consciousness through self-enquiry meditation.
We also offer

Yoga in Daily Life® is a global, not-for-profit community organisation founded by Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda (Vishwaguruji), who is a living descendant of a long line of respected yogis. Since 1998 we have been sharing the benefits of authentic yoga and meditation, programs for health and wellbeing and community support for the Melbourne community. 

You will find that we are not just a Yoga studio, but a Yoga community inspired by a rich cultural heritage and spiritual wisdom. Run by a team of dedicated volunteers who believe in optimal health, compassion, and selfless service.  

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Our Teachers


All our Yoga in Daily Life teachers are friendly, down-to-earth and professionally trained. More importantly are practicing yogis and meditators. We are here to share the positive benefits of yoga and meditation practice with you.

Please do not hesitate to talk to us should you have any questions!



Swami Gopal
Larissa (Gita)

 Wendy OM-Shanti

Wendy (Om Shanti Puri)




Miranda (Yoga Mudra)





We love it when people let us know what they think & we're sharing some with you ...

My partner and I experienced your Beginners Yoga program and loved it - so thank you for that, and for showing us a yoga style that really made sense for both of us. Yoga in Daily Life feels more "genuine" for lack of a better term then a few other groups I've tried, and we both got a lot out of it.
Leanne Douglas 17.5.16

I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to you both before I headed overseas on my big adventure.
Just a quick note to thank you for providing a wonderful "home" for me in my yoga journey.
It has certainly had a big impact on my health and general well-being and I am very grateful for this.
In addition your commitment to a philosophy and love and well being has been a great inspiration to me personally and I really appreciate how that has played out in being made to feel welcome and loved at your centre.
Kat Holmes 17.06.13

Thank you again for organising what was probably the most amazing retreat I have had the privilege of attending. The Diversity and genuineness of everyone attending, the range of  backgrounds and experience seem to come together as a Divine expression of what is best in humanity !!
Michael Williams 02.01.14

Thanks for a great session today! The workshop on 'Managing Moods & Energy' was a fantastic. It was a terrific combination of hands on cooking and information, complimented by a considered yoga session that inspired further home practice. I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for future workshops.
Emma Tully 26.03.14

Thank you for making Tuesday nights my favourite night of the week.
Teresa Cristiano 09.12.14

I would like to expressed my thank you to every one involved in the retreat weekend. I had a wonderful time, the food were delicious, every meal were delicious from the Breakfast to lunch to Dinner. The walking trail was good an hour for each day after the Breakfast. the Yoga program class were good. Meditation class was hard but Swami give us a good lesson for the Meditation class and Yoga class. I loved it. Most of all is the people,  was surrounding with a bunch of friendly people sharing their experience in the journey of oversea trip.
Vivienne Deip 04.11.15

Thanks for your amazing classes!
Kobi Leins 17.05.15

I just wanted to let you know what an impact my weekly yoga sessions have had on me.
I have always suffered from terrible tension headaches, often resulting in a dead arm when I get really bad! For a while I was going for remedial massage every 3 weeks to manage this and by the middle of week 2 my headaches were back and my arms were aching. I was told I really should do yoga and that's when I came to your 6 week introductory course.
I've done yoga before but it's never really clicked - yours does!
It dawned on me recently how much it helps - I missed a few weeks as I was busy and realised that I reached for the nurofen for headaches for the first time in 18 months!
I love my Saturday classes and will do my best to prioritise them!
Thanks again, Jen Miller 26.5.16

Massive gratitude for what you provide the yoga community - thanks for the supportive space throughout the year.
Bek. Tomarchio 15.12.15 

Thank you for welcoming me into the Yoga in Daily Life community - it was truly the branch that lifted me from the raging torrents when I first started coming to class and became part of my new rhythm once I learned how to swim across the current. It is thanks to beautiful teachers like you that I have fallen more & more in love with yoga, especially the other arms, not just asana practice.
Amy  28.11.15


Thank you kindly for providing me with such a positive, wholesome and comforting space this year. I feel very lucky to have stumbled across your community studio. Bron. 10.12.15


Before I leave ... Thank You for introducing me to the gift that is Yoga - it is something that I know that I will continue to explore & one day hope to teach, and inspire others, as you have inspired me.
Namaste & best wishes, Winnie. 25.10.16

Thanku for being so awesome, I have loved yoga in a whole new way since coming to you. Kate C. 14.12.16

Having been exposed to yoga for sometime now, no matter where I go, no one compares to your holistic, knowledgeable and experienced approach. I feel a great sense of gratitude to you for this gift you have imparted. Skye 16.11.17


Thanks for being such a positive presence in our lives. Tim & Albie  5.12.17


Having attended your classes I know the quality of your teaching. Your classes stand out because of the simplicity and integrity. Vikki Blanche 19.02.18