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    NSW South Coast close to Sydney
    27 Dec - 1 January 2019 more>

  • Cup Day Urban Retreat

    Tuesday 6 November, 10am - 1pm

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    Patañjali Yoga Sūtras with Swami Jasraj Puri 

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Melbourne Yoga in Daily Life Welcomes You

Welcome to our urban sanctuary.  Benefit from quality classes of progressive levels, professionally trained teachers
and a supportive space where you can achieve optimum health and wellbeing. 

Yoga in Daily Life is an authentic traditional style of yoga, a holistic system of health encompassing the science of body, mind, consciousness and soul. Classes include physical exercises (asana), relaxation, guided breath work (pranayam) and meditation. 
You'll experience first hand the wholistic benefits of this amazing practice!


We offer authentic Yoga & Meditation at our Richmond centre
plus classes in Doncaster, Ivanhoe & Pascoe Vale.  



New Year

South Coast beach NSW

27 Dec - 1 Jan 2019!

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4 Week Course

Starts Tues 13 Nov

7.45 - 8.45pm


This 4 week course is a supportive next step that includes breathing techniques that will help calm a vagrant mind. 


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Yoga Philosphy

Immersion Weekend

16 - 18 November


The treasures of Yoga span far beyond the physical. All authentic Yoga practices have at their heart a gradual quest towards understanding, and sublimating the mind. Swami Jasraj Puri presents the Yoga Sūtras with mind to their import to daily life.


in Richmond

All seekers welcome more >







Beginners Courses

Beginners are welcome at all our venues. 

At Richmond the ideal way to get started is join the 

Beginners Yoga & Meditation 6 week course.





Meditation is included in our regular classes. Plus at Richmond we offer:

Introduction 4 week course






Retreats & Events


Yoga Retreats & Workshops

There is always something going on to support and extend your yoga practice. Find out what's happening > here

Yoga, Richmond, Beginners Yoga, Meditation, Hatha Yoga
Yoga, Richmond, Beginners Yoga, Meditation, Hatha Yoga

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Yoga, Richmond, Beginners Yoga, Meditation, Hatha Yoga
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